Our History

“Thus far the Lord has helped us”    1 Samuel 7:12

Agape Apostolic Community Temple of Salvation International Ministries, Inc. was founded in August, 1998. Elder Andrew Harper felt the awesome move of God moving him toward his own ministry. The Lord confirmed to Elder Harper while he was away on a business trip to Arkansas. As the power of God fell upon him in his hotel room the vision of the church came to fruition. After a dynamic out pouring of the Holy Spirit during a conference held in the greater San Diego area, a prophecy came forth from Bishop Thomas Weeks. His words were “you and your husband exemplify what true holiness in a marriage should be and your house will not be able to hold the influx of people that God is going to send.” He further stated that our present home would not accommodate the numerous amount of people coming from the great out pouring of the Holy Ghost. It was extremely obvious at that point that God was elevating us to new heights.

The Lord allowed us to function in many capacities at Greater Apostolic Faith Temple Church under the leadership of the late Bishop Charles L. Taylor. In 1996, the Lord moved us to Truth Apostolic Community Church under the leadership of the late District Elder A.C. Williams, where the awesome work and development continued. For many years we supported and functioned in numerous capacities to aid in the building of God’s Kingdom.

After functioning in those ministries, God in his infinite wisdom moved upon Bishop Andrew Harper and his wife Dr. Brenda Harper to start “a work”. The Lord ordained them to preach the unadulterated Word of God to lost souls, the broken hearted and to set the captives free. Also, the Lord gave them the charge to go out into the highways to “break down the spiritual barriers” in the cities. Hosea 4:6 states… “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” and this ministry stands firm on that.

 After long hours of fasting and praying, God placed the stamp of approval upon this ministry, and sent us forth to do “a work”. This work was established in our home with (8) eight devoted members. Through perseverance Dr. Brenda Harper located a place of worship. This ministry is truly blessed of God, because without the help of the Lord, the growth acceleration would not have been possible. Through many hard times Bishop Harper and Dr. Brenda Harper were often encouraged through Bishop Joel Trout and Bishop Donnie McGriff.

The Lord then placed on Bishop Harper’s heart to join the Impact Apostolic Ministries. With regard to the ministry, the Lord has opened many doors man cannot close, such as our television ministry, radio ministry, prison ministry, life and urgent care ministry, deliverance ministry, missionary outreach ministry along with the family and couples ministry. We have been blessed with a Theological Seminary, to help stomp out Biblical Illiteracy among the men and women of God. We worked hand and hand with the major of the city of Temecula to feed the Senior Citizen during Thanksgiving of 2015. We know that “God did it all”!

This is God’s Ministry!

We’re looking forward to the next awesome move of God…